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The journal JANASAMKHYA was started by the Department of Demography, University of Kerala, in the year 1983 and is published twice a year. Professor Ramakumar was the founder Editor of the journal...
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Current Issue: 2018-19

Measuring demographic dividend: Approaches and Methods

K. S. James

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Implications of Living Arrangement on Mental Health of Elderly in Kerala

P. Mohanachandran Nair, Asha T. Chacko, Padma U.S and Ambalika Devi T.G

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Male Attitude towards Son Preference and its Covariates in India

Abhishek Gautam, Brijesh P. Singh and K. K. Singh

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Creating Womb-less Generations: Whose Gain and At What Cost?

Srikrishna Sulgodu Ramachandra and Anil Chandran S.

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Linkage between maternal employment and under-five mortality in India during the era of Sustainable development Goals: Evidence from NFHS-4.

Preethi K. and P. Mohanachandran Nair

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Religious Demographics in Kerala

Anjana A. and Neethumol S. S.

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The Effect of Various Maternal Health Care Programs on Child Survival in India : An Assessment Using National Family Health Surveys

Arathy G. R. and P. Mohanachandran Nair

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Knowledge towards STIs Prevention and the Determinant of Condom use among High School Student in Rwanda.

Rucamihigo Mupenzi Issa, Mohanachandran Nair

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Editorial Board

The department publishes a journal -Janasamkhya- since 1983 with the HOD as the Chief Editor. A full facelift of the journal was implemented in 1997 by changing the format, editorial board and print quality and a double blind peer review of manuscripts submitted for publication.

Dr. Ramakumar

Founder Editor

Dr. P. Mohanachandran Nair

Chief Editor

Dr. Anil Chandran S

Asst. Editor

Dr. Sasikala P

Editorial Assistant

Dr. Asha T. Chacko

Editorial Assistant

Population changes approximately every 2.29 seconds

Annual population growth rate (2018 - 2019): 1.02 %

Source: United Nations World Population Prospects 2019